Designer Statement:

I think the designer in me has always existed. I can remember my need to create at a young age resulting in attempts to sew Barbie clothes using my mother's scrap fabrics. Not really knowing how to sew, these clothes basically consisted of tube dresses stitched up the side. However I realize now that I was actually exploring textures, prints and colors.

My interest in design has over the years expanded to all forms including print, interior and web. Studying design has made me much more observant of it in my surroundings. I find myself examining logos, color combinations, the spacing of type in a headline, or the perspective of a photograph. I've always been a sucker for great design and admit it has been the deciding factor in some of my purchasing decisions be it food labels, cosmetics packaging or a book cover.

My attraction to graphic design has to be its practical aspect. I enjoy finding ways to communicate visually. I am drawn to clean lines and effective use of negative space, and this is often what I try to achieve in my own designs.

Design has always been a part of my life and always will be. Whether I am designing a logo for a client or repositioning the photographs on my wall, there is no escaping this obsession. Of course I wouldn't have it any other way.